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Aerial yoga for beginners

I am an elementary school teacher, an aerial yoga instructor and a circus artist around the clock.

Movement has always been a part of my life. I danced tirelessly, played sports and tried out many types of movements. It was mainly the unique forms of movement that caught my attention, so I became a self-taught circus artist over the years. I have been working with various circus companies for 13 years, as I have always had a passion for circus arts. During my career as a circus performer, I practiced yoga all the time which helped me to focus on inner peace, recharge my body and mind.

As my yoga practice became deeper and more meaningful, I found my passion of combining yoga with the freedom of movement found in aerial arts. This naturally led me to aerial yoga. For me, aerial yoga creates the perfect balance of flexibility, strength, grace and flow. It is playful and exciting, and at the same time relaxing and healthful. Captivated by the beneficial effects of aerial yoga, I decided to pass that feeling on to as many people as possible.

My teaching journey began after I completed an 200 hour training which granted me a sports instructor qualification. Soon after, I completed a 40-hour training to become an aerial yoga teacher. This became my greatest tool of empowering others to move with inner intention and connection to the breath and body. Ultimately creating space to connect deeply with one’s self.