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Kundalini Yoga

I have a degree in economics, a master's degree in cognitive metaprogramming  (Barcelona), and a kundalini yoga teacher training (Spain, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Hungary).

I am committed to supporting people in their transformation processes (be it a professional crisis, a break-up or loneliness...) and kundalini yoga and the cognitive metaprogramming are brutally effective methods to do this. Paying attention to emotions and feelings has been fundamental in helping me achieve high levels of results in the processes I've been following, which have been part of my daily life since 2016.

Living in Spain and Italy since 2007, as an international Performance Excellence Manager for multinational companies, I have made it an absolute priority to learn how the mind works, how to use it effectively, how to unblock emotions, how to be a human-centred leader and how to manage stress effectively. The basic experience of loneliness, the dominance of rationality, inevitably gave way to a practice of reaching out to the soul and connecting with emotions. Thanks to kundalini yoga and CM, I have learned to embrace life in a more relaxed way.

I have been teaching in San Patrignano (rehabilitation centre) in Italy, Milan, Madrid and Mallorca in Spain and in the recent years.

I am honoured by sharing the knowledge, honesty, openness and humility of the technology of Kundalini Yoga.